You have completed the first stage of your task. You have brought down the rogue monk, Furri Fallon and saved what is left of the the populace of the Broken Ward. Abbot Gudrun Thorunn has secured his monastery and the rest of the monks have been locked in. This is a temporary measure for after a time even the very disciplined Gudrun will lose control and break free of the monastery walls and reek havoc upon the gravely injured Broken Ward and then beyond. And when that happens Waterdeep’s authorities will see every Brother of Many Moons staked and burned.

It is now time to follow the Satient Fountain to the Moonshae Isles . The Moonshaes are a group of rocky and cool islands filled with ancient deep forests, bogs, soaring mountains, beasts and dangers of every sort. The nature gods and forest spirits are an abundant part of the culture. There is a long history of druids, rangers and sylvan creatures ,both evil and good , about the Isles. This history swells from deep and sometimes dark places in the dense and undisturbed forests and wooded foothills. It is a place of great beauty, proud warriors, hardy people of all races and monsters galore.

You will go to the Dock Ward and find the ship called Maelstrom. The Captain is a serious woman named Hanna Von Bastion. She was once a close friend of my mothers and will give you passage for few coins. She can be a little unwieldy and abrasive but rumors tell that she is a fine sailor and the Maelstrom is a stout vessel.

The quest begins on the island Mintarn and when you speak with the Grand Harbor Master, a man named Tywin Tagly. He will know the destinations of any ships that will dock at any of the major islands of the Moonshaes and will have detailed information about the ships that have docked at the port of Mintarn. If you find the ship that the Fountain was shipped on and track it’s movement overland you may find Lord Serinwrath and the Fountain both.

Mintarn is also the last known location of Lord Serinwrath, rumors tell that he has moved to one of the more westerly islands. If you come to find the trail cold there is a powerful sage named Sharshon Zazterrion, a witch some say but wise to the comings and goings of many prominent and powerful beings of the Moonshaes. She may be found on Mintarn but often travels and settles in different areas, always deep in the most dense and dark forests or wooded low hills at the base of shear mountains. She may be able to guide you to Serinwrath for a price.

So now it comes to it, take some time to rest the body and the soul. The Maelstrom sails the day after next. The ship carrying the thieves will have several days head start but there are few ships that can make the run across the Sea of Swords of Swords faster than the Maelstrom. It is about 400 miles and will take at about a week to traverse the distance


10 years ago, while anventuring in the Moonshae isles my mother, my self and the heroes we were adventuring with did battle with a vampire Lord name Serinwrath, Sir Serinwrath as he would have it. Serinwrath and his minions killed our party and used a powerful magic mirror to lay an aging curse on Loria and me. We escaped with our lives and our curse and fled back to Waterdeep to seek healing. All the conventional means of healing failed. But one friend, Gudrun Thorunn, Abbot of the Order of Many Moons, was able to help us. They have in their possession the Satient Fountain a small fountain and decanter and when drink is drawn from this source and drank by humans it seizes and reverses this curse, granting us life. The fountain has a much different purpose for the Monks in the Abby, for they are not human. The waters of this item satiates their dark hunger, the hunger for blood that only can be known by a vampire. For as they drink the water of the Satient Fountain they need not drink the blood of Humans and Demi- Humans. And when near this fountain the sunlight does not burn them as it would without it. The sun works its scorching fires upon the vampire very slowly allowing them to spend time on the grounds of the Abby during the day. A boon that helps them keep the secret of undeath. The Order of Many Moons accepts vampires from all over the Realm, taking in those that will swear to the tenets of the Order and forsake their dark hunger.

Serinwrath, being the sadist kept an interest in our deaths and knew that mother and I did not die, for his mirror will show us and our condition caused by the curse. He sent his agents to Waterdeep to find out why the curse was seemingly defeated. In doing so he found out the secrets of the Order and stole away with the fountain back to the Moonshaes, leaving the Monks to fall into there hunger and binding them to night and leaving Loria and I to die as old wretches in the prime of our lives. And it gives Serinwrath a great power over his undeath and who knows what other uses he may derive from this artifact.

I bid you go to the Moonshaes, find Serinwrath and retrieve the fountain and cup and bring them back with all haste. And if possible destroy the mirror that causes my curse and lastly, if it is in your power, destroy this evil vampire lord for all the goodly folk of the Realm.


It is the Era of Upheaval, 1371 Year of the Unstrung Harp… .It is high summer, the early days of the month of Flamerule when you receive the offer that beckons you to Waterdeep, the City of Splendors…

You have been offered a lucrative proposition from Erick Silvertree of Waterdeep. Erick Silvertree
is the son and namesake of the ranger, Erick of Shadowdale. The renowned ranger is also known in the Dalelands as Erick the Giant Slayer, the Shadowed Watchman, and as a Knight of Myth Drannor.

Erick’s mother is the aging bard, Loria Silvertree. From the short time Erick spent with his father and the constant practice at the hands of his mother he has gained skill as both a ranger and a bard. Erick himself has yet to gain any reputation in the city but Loria is known well, especially in the area around her home, which makes up the upper floors of the Silver Dragon Inn of which she is the owner.

Loria has recently taken seriously ill and Erick has taken over management of the Inn. The inn is stable, popular, well run and well defended. Much gold has been put into the property from Erick’s parent’s adventuring days giving it strong walls, some magical wards, traps and secret passages.

Also recently, the Shadow Thieves have reestablished themselves in the city after their long exile. They are a mere reflection of their former power but they have connections in many venues, possibly even in the Court of Waterdeep itself.

Of course no solid proof exists but Erick suspects that a local merchant named Balthorr Olaskos is the leader of a small band of Shadow Thieves. Balthorr runs a shop named Balthorr’s Rare and Wonderful Treasures, it is a shop filled with all sort of curios for sale and Balthorr is known to be able to acquire quite rare items from up and down the Sword Coast. He is a hearty, loud voiced, bubbly fellow always ready with a sturdy handshake and smile. His seeming good nature belies a dark side known little by the populace; he is one of the mid-level fences within the city limits willing to purchase stolen goods at a greatly reduced price. His involvement with the Shadow Thieves is a well hidden secret only suspected by a watchful few, like the Silvertree family.

Lately Balthorr has entered into extortion of many of the businesses in this part of the Ward. Some have resisted and many more have complied out of fear and intimidation backed up by several violent assaults performed by unknown assailants. The Silver Dragon Inn is the largest of its kind in this part of the Ward which makes it one of the wealthiest businesses in the immediate area, a great source of income for Bathorr should he force the Silvertrees to conform to his new black law. Bathorr is hoping that the inexperienced Erick will falter and bend to his will, especially as the mother becomes sicker and sicker and he becomes more and more distracted and worn because of it.

You each have ties to the Silvertree family in one way or another and call them dear friends. Erick offers you a fair sum of gold to come to Waterdeep, be a presence in and around the Inn and assist him in gathering information proving the the Shadow Thieves are here and acting unlawfully. As the Shadow Thieves gain power Erick will need a way to counter them; at least till he gathers the evidence to bring the law to bear. Erick believes that Balthorr, like many evildoers, will hang himself with his own rope given time; or, is the growing threat looming much more serious than Erick can know? Whatever will come to pass you now know the Silvertree’s need your help in these dangerous times.

Erick offers 600gp each for a 60 days stay in Waterdeep along with travel expenses and room and board.
Will such a purse draw you into the majesty and intrigue of the City of Splendors? Or, can one guess correctly that such things would draw you here for far less?

Swordcoast Adventures

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