Swordcoast Adventures

Battle of the Mist Towers

Start- 16 Flamerule, Late Afternoon (1630hrs), The Broken Ward

We made are way to the three Mist Towers to destroy or stop the mist created by the cauldron and to destroy Brother Furii Fallon if we could. When we reached the courtyard where the Towers stood dozens of vampire spawn staggered suddenly from the shadows. Their power diminished from the sunlight that filtered through the mist they were a deadly danger, numbers alone made us flee for the Towers and blocking the door they descended upon us. We made our way to the tops of the Towers and the walkways that led to the cauldron, suspended in the center. That black cauldron spewed forth the sickly dark mist and caused confusion to any that was touched by it, the wind blew it very close to us. From the mist came Furii and a mighty battle ensued. Spawn began to climb the Towers from all sides. We battled and fought, sliced and slashed, burned and bombarded and by the grace of the gods we were successful. We added the potion to the cauldron that the Abbot Gundrun gave us and were almost killed to a man by Brother Furii. But the mist dissipated and the cleansing sun washed that evil from the Realms. Now that the immediate danger has ended ABbot Gundrun locked down the Abby of Many Moons and is trying his best to restrain the growing hunger of his brothers and even himself. Everyday threatens to overwhelm their great discipline and cause them to break free and go on a blood thirsty rampage.

Now that we have healed and rested we must not linger, we go the Dock Ward and to the seedy tavern, the Thirsty Sailor, to meet Hanna Von Bastion, captain of the Maelstrom. That is the vessel that will bring us to the Moonshaes and the recovery of the Satient Fountain, the only thing that will save the goodly monks and keep Lord Serinwrath from gaining incredible power.

End- 17 Flamerule, Early Morning , The Silver Dragon Inn



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