Swordcoast Adventures

Day Break in the Broken Ward

Start- 16 Flamerule, Early Morning, The Broken Ward

We drove back all the remaining spawn in the building and sealed it off effectively enough…we think. We prepared our defenses here as best as we are able and the girl Kat has uninvited all vampires from their home. The rest of the building has been thoroughly searched and an impromptu coffin made from a crate was found in the attic space and was destroyed. We can only assume it was the coffin of one of the spawn or Furri Fallon himself.

We lost Corax the barbarian today, he was brave and died well. He will be forever missed.

Erick sent us more aid in the form of another comrade, a barbarian from the Northlands named U.N. Owen. A half-elf greatly skilled in combat, a great asset. Erick also offered a plan to lift the mist that shrouds the Broken Ward and allows vampires to maintain some protection from the sun.

The dawn has come and we now make our way to the Mist Towers to destroy the cauldron that produces the mist. Furii has yet to show himself but we have the feeling that today is the day as he will no doubt seek to defend the Mist Towers. The druid, Olin, anticipates that sunset will occur fully at 2000hrs. We must hurry and not be caught out in the open with out even the filtered sun to protect us.

Time is pressing, we must finish here soon and lay our plans to retrieve the Satient Fountain. Erick presses for our return and we are loathe to fail him.

End- 16 Flamerule, Afternoon (1630hrs), The Broken Ward



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