Swordcoast Adventures

Halloween Edition

Start- 18 Flamerule, Midnight, Dock Ward- The Thirsty Sailor Tavern

We made our way to the Dock Ward and the less than reputable tavern, the Thirsty Sailor, to meet Hanna Von Bastion. She was late. The thieves that stole to Satient fountain, the minions of Lord Serinwrath have their spies. A powerful necromancer named Rolth made a small army of zombies from the patrons and staff of the tavern. They waited in the guise of living tavern goers until we were well into the building. As soon as we sparked a sun rod to light the shadowy room they sprung their trap. Sixteen zombies we battled and sixteen zombies met the true death. We were badly wounded in the fight and barely made it out alive. After the battle Hanna showed and apologized for her lateness, we could have used her blade for she is known to be very skilled. Now that Hanna knows we are being spied on she is taking us by secret ways to the docks via the Warrens, a borough of interlaced and stacked buildings and maze-like passages ruled by halfling assassins and rogues, gnome mages and alchemists and dwarven warriors and weaponsmiths. Hanna has contacts there that will ensure our secrecy, The Warrens also have an extensive market including many black market items. It might be a lucrative shortcut for us.

End- 18 Flamerule, Early Morning , Dock Ward- The Warrens

Congratulations! You have Completed Act II !!

You now make your way to new and strange lands to face an enemy you know little about. The journey is long and perilous and the task may prove deadly. You go on this quest with brave hearts and sharpened steel. You will prevail!!!



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