Swordcoast Adventures

Last Piece

Start- 14 Flamerule, Early Morning, Plane of Shadow

We were attacked by Shadow Wolves while on the Shadow Plane. A traveler name Travis came from the darkness to aid us in the battle. Travis was trapped here and we were able to provide him a way out via the shadow slippers. Before we were able to use the magic to get home Balthorr used his intimate knowledge of the function of the Slippers to leverage his freedom. He would not instruct us on their function until we all promised to let him go after we were back on our home plane.

Upon reaching the prime material plane we made our way to the Silver Dragon Inn to update the Silvertrees on our progress. It seems to us the Erick and Loria continue to age and weaken but they will not speak of it until the Shadow Thieves have been shut down completely. Erick is happy and proud of our work thus far and there is one more task to complete the list of evidence that will prompt the Lords of Waterdeep to act. We must retrieve the body of the mage that accompanied the Shadow Slippers into Waterdeep. He can be questioned from the nether world and be forced to answer honestly about how such powerful and evil magic items were created in abundance.

We hired a spellcaster to assist us in finding the body. We believe that it is in the possession of the Sewer Rats. Also, another friend of the Silvertrees arrived in Waterdeep to aid us in our adventures. He is a ranger named Sorbin

We have found the body in a treasure room of sorts deep in the wererats territory…and by the gods! We alerted the protectors of this place…gargoyles!!

End- 14 Flamerule, Morning, Sewer Rat’s Treasure Room



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