Swordcoast Adventures

Night of the Living Dead

Start- 15 Flamerule, Late Evening, The Broken Ward

We fought hard the vampire spawn but retreated into Hammerstone General Goods, the building with the children, and began what amounts to a siege. Before we entered we had to break free of the spawn and Jeremy gallantly gave his life so we could accomplish that. Not knowing if he was dead or alive we saw him being carried off by the spawn to an unknown destination.

When we reached the interior of the building we noted a total of six scared children and began to fortify the clumsily bored up windows. Erick sent in two more adventures to assist us and they bear a sealed bundle of papers for Alatar. Their names a Olin and Gerard and they are brave and hearty fighters and wield divine magic. Barring a few incidents we were able to bring inside and administer some healing to the many wounded.

We put the children in one of the rooms and left them until we heard their screams. One of the spawn broke threw the window with a large stone and used her mind dominating powers to make one of the children invite he and her comrade in. We now do battle with the intruders while the building is becoming surrounded by a large number of spawn.

How we will get out of this predicament the gods only know!

End- 16 Flamerule,Early Morning, The Broken Ward



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