Swordcoast Adventures

On the Plane of Shadow

End- 13 Flamerule, Late Evening , Sewers

The battle against Balthorr and his henchmen in the Torch Chamber proceeded well and suddenly ST Harozz appeared in the Torch Chamber with bolts in his back and near death. He warned that he burned the Inn of the Foaming Flagon to eradicate the Shadow Thieves rather than be a slave to them. He tells many died in the fire but some followed him into the sewers before the cellar burned. Now there are desperate Shadow Thieves ahead of us and the Sewer Rats behind. We are wounded and short of spell and healing. Balthorr, now our captive a fearing his life instructed us on the use of the Shadow Slippers that he was bringing to the STs. We made our escape into the Plane of Shadow, a loathsome place or darkness and foul energies. We now make our way along the plane and the baying of Shadow wolves now surround us; Gods have mercy…

End- 14 Flamerule, Midnight, Plane of Shadow



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