Swordcoast Adventures

The Broken Ward

Start- 14 Flamerule, Morning, Sewer Rat’s Treasure Room

We recovered the body of the Sharran mage and turned his corpse over to the city authorities. There was an imprisoned Shadow Thief in the treasure room that freed himself during our battle with the gargoyles and tried to make his way out with some of the Sewer Rat’s treasure. We stopped him and turned him over to the city watch and kept a good amount of gold and magic items for ourselves. Needless to say we may have made mortal enemies of the Sewer Rats.

The job we came to Waterdeep for is done, the Shadow Thieves are broken and the remnants of the guild will be routed out be the city watch. We have only to give our personal testimonies to the Lords. Balthorr does live but Alatar has chosen to break his oath made in the name of his god and informed the authorities about his relationship with the Shadow Thieves and the possession of illegal poisons. We are as yet unaware of the outcome of that situation.

We have learned of the aging curse that affects the Silvertrees and have accepted another task in their name and in the name of all goodly folk of the Realms. See Home Page

We are now in the Broken Ward at the behest of Abbot Gudrun Thorunn of the Order of Many Moons to find a monk name Furii Fallon that has gone mad with blood hunger. Without the Satient Fountain to ease his hunger he will eventually break into the city proper killing innocents and endangering the secrets of the peaceful vampires of the Abby. And if this fountain is not found all the monks of the Order will fall to the same fate. We encountered and battled three aurochs in the ward mad with terror and maimed beyond recognition by tooth and claw. A short distance away we found many more animals that could only be the livestock of the residents of the Ward. They were torn to shreds and among them, feeding on the bodies, we spotted a fanged and crazed woman covered in blood, most likely one of the vampire spawn of Furii. How many other spawn he has created is unknown, but they are hostile because she now attacks us unprovoked.

End- 15 Flamerule, Early Morning, Abbey of the Many Moons

Congratulations!!! ACT I has been completed:

You have gathered the almost all of the evidence required to bring this issue of the Shadow Thieves to the Lords of Waterdeep. You have the illegal poison in Balthorr’s possession and no doubt that when his home is raided by the authorities they shall find more, sealing his doom. You have the Shadow Slippers, evil fell magic that can only be used for evil purposes, you have ST Harozz, alive and ready to testify to the Lords about the goings on in the recently burned Foaming Flagon, You have your own testimonies backed up by respectable characters such as Erick Silvertree and his mother Loria. You also have the other shopkeepers and residents of the trade ward that have been threatened , extorted and assaulted by the Shadow Thieves and their associates. Erick and his mother have been busy convincing them that you have effectively broken the backs of the Shadow Thieves and they are no longer in danger of reprisal.

The process has begun, Sir Rennis Fairstavis, a direct represenative of the law enforcing Lords of Waterdeep has been briefed by Erick and Loria Silvertree and all the evidence has been presented. All but the testimony of your party and the events you bore witness to. Also, with all fingers pointing to a real situation that threatens the city the powers that be will go to more extreme methods of information gathering. The body of the Sharran mage will provide information about who created and supplied these magic slippers to the Shadow Thieves, a most valuable piece of information.

You have also killed, captured or caused to flee many of the Shadow Thieves in the Trade Ward and beyond. You have seriosly weakened their defenses and left them ripe for the authority to come in and brush them away once and for all. Also, You have instilled the other shopkeepers in the ward to come forth with the abuses the Shadow Thieves brought upon them, they no longer fear them as they once did; your brave actions are directly responsible for that. It looks as if the folk of the city are safe from this particular threat. And more directly the Silverdragon Inn and its owners, the family Silvertree, are safe from the dangers without.



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