Alatar Vaun


Alatar Vaun


Born in Baldur’s Gate to a mysterious woman, he was raised in a shrine dedicated to Siamorphe before being adopted by a noble family who were friends of the church. Eventually strained relationships with his siblings would see him return to dedicate his life to the church. Eventually he would take up the mantle of Inquisitor, and be given Akorae as a gift my his adoptive parents as he ventured forth to Waterdeep, and the troubles within.

For a more complete telling of the history of Alatar Vaun, please check it out here: The Tale of Alatar Vaun

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In terms of personality Vaun is as you might expect in some ways of a inexperienced youth. Sure he knows best, yet hesitant to take up the reins and lead for fear of failure. His inexperience leads him to question his own abilities, yet he still has a sense that he knows best and some arrogance as a result. It is at times a paradox, and he prefers to follow while amongst the largely older adventurers rather than face it. He is kind to those less fortunate but quick to blame or suspect authority. This comes from his own personal experiences in his youth, and a zealous need to serve and defend his own faith. To this end he may be merciful to a follower of Cyric, or someone lead astray by the teachings of Bane, yet when faced with a corrupt member of his own faith, someone who violated an oath to Siamorphe, he is ruthless.

He holds followers of Siamorphe, and to a slightly lesser degree nobles in general, to a higher standard, and is less forgiving when they fail to meet them. This perhaps aids him in his duty, but could potentially cause issues down the road.


Alatar is largely unremarkable in appearance, which is not to say he is unattractive. Rather he has about him the look you might expect of a youthful lad, unmarred as of yet by battle scars or a world weariness perhaps more common to an experienced soldier. His hair is a dark brown and he stands at a mere 5 foot, 10 inches. His build is wiry, and he has a obvious grace in his movements, seemingly natural rather than practiced. His eyes are grey, and have a sense of innocence or naivitiy to them still.

Overall his youthful appearance might lead some to underestimate him, but beneath his appearance is a trained soldier.

Alatar Vaun

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