The Satient Fountain


The Satient Fountain and the crystal decanter that accompanies it satiates the hunger for blood suffered by vampires and possibly other forms of undead. In addition, it allows vampires and again , possibly other undead, to endure sunlight for a time. The undead must be within a certain proximity of the fountain to gain this ability and it seems to be a different distance for each individual. The waters that the fountain creates must be drank out of the decanter for the hunger to be satiated.

When the living drink the waters it has effect that slow and reverse magical aging and in some cases natural aging, the exact effects are different for the individual consuming the waters.

The water produced by the fountain and poured from the decanter into a container made from a Blueleaf tree retains the potency of the aging magic for a time. When poured into a silver receptacle it retains the waters satiating power for a time. These times vary dramatically and no exact knowledge of why this is exists.

It is believed that the fountain has many other powers but as it’s current functions are needed for the monks peaceful existence and considered a blessing by the Order little has been done to discover other functions.


The Satient Fountain

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