Swordcoast Adventures

Of Sewers and Torches

End- 13 Flamerule, Late Afternoon, Sewers

Making our way through the sewers burning our colored torch. It must be the right color because we have not been attacked by wererats. We were told we would know when we were to light a different colored torch but we decided to do it early for some reason. Shortly after we switched we were attacked as promised, further showing us we should have waited until there was a clear sign to make the switch…by the gods what’s wrong with us!!

We defeated several wererats with no apparent consequences. Either the Sewer Rats don’t know or don’t care about their kin. Further into the sewers we come to a large room where the other set of torches were found. This chamber is filled with a sickly scum that fills the walkways beneath out feet, the smell is awful. We could have studied the torches and with a few quick experiments we might have been able to alter the colors or at least removed them forcing Balthorr to carry on without it, perhaps the wererats would have softened them up for us. We will never know.

Now torchlight in the distance and it is Balthorr and his company. We have a quick decision to make, hide and prepare for an ambush or fight them outright with no plan whatsoever. We go with the latter.

We are now battling diligently against a powerful foe…

End- 13 Flamerule, Evening, Torch Chamber of the Sewer Rats sewers

Into the Depths

Start- 13 Flamerule, Evening

despicable types ever seen within the walls of Waterdeep. Before it was over the message was given to ST but Carmen had her pockets picked and Corax was threatened but stared down his challenger. ST must have had enough because he was generous with his information. Later we called in our favor with the Plague Rats and found out the torch colors that will guide us safely through the sewers. We know that sometime today Balthorr will be making his way to the Flagon with a shipment of magical items that are supposed to aid the Shadow Thieves in their crimes. We now will enter the sewers to intercept Balthorr and the shipment and take whatever evidence we might receive to the authorities. We killed two guards and captured a third that were guarding the entance to the Sewers in the cellar of the Flagon. We will break the backs of the Shadow Thieves in Waterdeep before this day is done!

End- 13 Flamerule, Late Afternoon in the Foaming Flagon’s Cellar

Turtle Stew

Start- 13 Flamerule, Day

Into the sewers again amongst the filth and scum. We defeated a known denizen of that area, a huge snapping turtle and in doing so gained the favor of the Plague Rats. Their leader, Plague Mistress Calassa, will provide a favor of information when needed; you contact her thru Marla.

End- 13 Flamerule, Evening

Loot- 1 huge snapping turtle

No Fight, Just Buisness!

Start: 11 Flamrule, evening, right after the battle with the gangers

Here is something I wanted to retrofit. This is something Martha “The Cackling Lady” said in response to your inquiry about the Plague Rats:

Into Deloun Alley you go! Down and down and then follow your right hand till you come to a puddle filled with slime and scum and a wee little boat….ah hahahahaha!!! Yes, a wee little boat that the Rats used to call their own. Why dont they use it, eh? Why indeed?! Poor little Rats…hehehehe. Beyond the puddle is more filth, scrape some up for me, lads?! …heehee….. And then you’re in their filthy little hole and just a matter of time and they’ll find you they will. Might not like to have visitors…hahaha…but tell ’em Martha sent you, that should help, oh yes, that should help indeed!!! Ah hahaha Ah hahaha!!!

End: 13 Flamrule, day, just retrieved ganger gold from the money lenders


Extracting info from Kaymish and Lliira’s Night

Start: 11th of Flamerule at 0200

Brought Vandross, priest of Cyric, back to the Inn of the Silverdragon

Tazzarof, Wilora, arrives and conducts interrogation of Kaymish and takes Vandross

13th of Flamrule- spent day shopping and reported for guard duty at the Inn at 1600. Gambit by ST assasians leads party from Inn where they ran into Erick, Surly and Hugoth on the road to the Castle Ward around 2200. Battle in Lorias apt ensues, 2 Doppelgangers defeated.

End: 13th of Flamrule at 0000


It Begins

Coming to Waterdeep, the City of Splendors via the Trade Way or the High Road to one of the large gates you cant help the feeling of awe that comes to you. Whether this is your first time or your hundredth the magnitude of this place amazes you. The large gray stone walls 30ft high with battlements atop as far as the eye can register speak of strength and security. Mount Waterdeep far in the distance, near the sea, carries the huge palace as it gleams in the sun; it is a seat of power where the Lords deal out justice and law to thousands of citizens. Tall spires, twisted, round and squared reach far into the sky. Flags and banners of every color flap and wave in the strong breeze that flows off the ocean. And the people, more people than one would see in a hundred smaller kingdoms put together move and saunter about to the rhythm of their own business. The wealthy, dressed so richly with fabric and jewels, walk amongst the poor. Some so impoverished that even one of the rich man’s least expensive baubles count be earned in a lifetime of labor. So many of all the goodly races, of all shades of skin and all fashion of dress fill the place. Hundreds of horses and wagons carry their riders or goods above the muddy paths that lead off the main thoroughfares. The city is filled with sound and smoke and smells of every kind and intensity. Some delicious and some that make would make you ill if you breathed them for too long. But with all this happening you cant think of a better word for the place than Life, pure Life, busy, dirty, begging , thieving, thriving, shouting and exploding life. Pure, wonderful life…you think you may just like it here for a while.


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