House Rules


  • Good only
  • No Psionics
  • No Gun Powder
  • Only Paizo Published Material

PCs after 1st level

PCs that are built after 1st level should spend no more than 25% of their wealth on weapons, 25% on armor and protective devices, 25% on other magic items, 15% on disposable items like potions, scrolls, and wands, and 10% on ordinary gear and coins

New Feat: Elven Blade Dance (Dervish Dance Alternate)

Prerequisites: 17 Dexterity, Weapon Focus, 4 ranks in Perform(Dance)
Description: Dancing through the battlefield the blade dancer wields his blade with grace and speed, leveraging both to inflict wounds instead of brute strength. Using this feat one can apply their Dexterity bonus to the damage dealt with a Elven Curve Blade.

Racial Adjustment

Halflings have low light vision

Character Changes

I had this rule before but forgot to bring it to this set of house rules. Until you reach 5th level you can do one retro fit of your character. Skills, feats, stats can be altered if you wish and want to fine tune them now that they have been in the field and you have a good feel for them.

For characters made above 4th level you have the same oppurtunity but just until you reach the next highest level.

Campaign Trait

Friend of the Silvertrees- Campaign Trait- Once per day you can reroll a d20 , must use new result.

Tymora, the Goddess of Luck, has been the patroness of the Silvertree family for three centuries. Her power is strong in that bloodline and when a Silvertree names you friend a bit of Lady Luck comes with it.

House Rules

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