Swordcoast Adventures

Battle Royale on the Maelstrom

In which the Company of the Silvertree put down a mutiny

21st of Flamerule, 1371 DR
An extract from the Diary of Silwe Torvalin
Husband; I had scarcely put down my quill, when the mutineers attacked. Though we had expected battle somehow we were caught off-guard, allowing their tame wizard Sherid to throw a ball of fire at us. I leapt under a table but Kyrai was grievously burned; and for this deed alone shall that red-haired bitch die a slow and painful death, but first we shall have to catch her.

The company boiled out of the fire-blackened room; Owen made for Sherid whilst Kyrai, the captain and I took on Olaf. We soon put him down, though all of us suffered wounds; Kyrai most grievously and it was only through Glenn’s swift actions that the noble Paladin escaped bleeding to death.

Travis tried to tackle the evil Gavin but was unable to land any blows. It was then that Olin enspelled the mage Sherid with a frigid blast of air, even as the mage’s own dark spell caught poor Owen in a globe of water. Olin replied by summoning a swarm of deadly insects; catching the mage’s companions in their chittering path and poisoning them, but she herself fled.

Travis then put Gavin on the floor even as Alatar closed in on Sherid, yet she conjured a layer of grease so that the Inquisitor could make no progress toward her. He contented himself instead by trading blows with her villainous henchmen, slaying one.

I resolved to finish Sherid myself and rushed to bring her to book, when more mutinous crewmen poured out of the stairwells and blocked my route. Travis, Glenn and Kyrai brought them to furious battle as I went around. Alas; Sherid saw me coming and conjured a mist to hide in so that I could not find her.

The crewmen set down their weapons then, realizing the game was up and threw themselves on their Captain’s mercy. So the Company fanned out at my call, covering all the escape routes to prevent Sherid from getting away. The she-devil reappeared by a porthole a moment later and shouted her hate at me before jumping out into the sea. As I write, is master Olin transforming into a shark, intending to follow our flame-haired enemy into the watery depths; I must ask him how he does that.

Now battle has ended, I have tears in my eyes; for so nearly did I allow my reckless hate to overwhelm me again as it did of old. What am I, that the sight of blood causes me to turn so feral when in truth it should instead cause me to retch. The Eye has much to answer for dearest Husband, but I have had my fill of bile this day and so his reckoning must wait until I have calmed myself a while. I go now to aid Olin; on a jolly-boat if I must, for Sherid shall not escape, not while I have breath left. We have also captured Olaf and so shall learn much ere the Captain dispenses her own unique brand of justice upon him. Namarie for now Tarek!



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